My name is Sergei, I'm an artist currently based in Moscow, Russia. I've been always looking for a way to express myself. Being attracted to everything visual, I enrolled in the British Higher School of Art and Design, eager to study photography. After 2 years, I felt confident in my technical skills but lacking knowlege of art. After careful research, I decided to enroll in the Ontario College of Arts and Design University in Toronto - one of the largest art schools in Canada. Now, when I have my degree in art photography, on the one hand, I feel truly confident in my ability to realize any concept, on the other, I always strive to find new ways to express myself. 


I've worked on a variety of different projects from architecture to fashion editorials. Despite that, I prefer working with people, being specific - portraiture. I enjoy taking portraits - business, personal, ads, fashion, any kind. I take photography seriously, sometimes even too seriously - the reason why I often work more than others. But at the end of the day, photography brings me happiness and fulfilment. 

Please direct all inquiries to photographer.sergeijernov@ya.ru